Tool Kit


You just entered the Safe Host project tool kit.
It’s a toolkit for workers in the HORECA sector Hotel, restaurants, catering, travel agencies, tour operators, workers in the transportation sector, etc.

Your role can be important in stopping this crime

Here you will find informative material that will help you examine in depth the issue of child sexual exploitation.
We will tell you how it is dealt with in other countries, what has been done already.
We will suggest, if you want, how to deepen your knowledge of the problem, by reading studies made in the most popular destinations.
Register and you will receive the key to open this tool kit, good reading.

The tool kit is aimed at the tourism sector workers; if you are interested as a stekeholder belonging to:

  • a trade union
  • an association
  • an NGO

Or if you are an aware and responsible tourist and citizen, and desire further information, you may register to the InFormation course.

Register here

The material published here has been arranged with the help of ECPAT Italy

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