General Objective To Favor the establishment of a permanent social dialogue platform for tourism, encouraging the exchange and synergies between social parts throughout the whole supply chain, starting from the exchange of actions for the fight against child exploitation in the tourism sector, and the adoption of Directive 2011/92/EU.
Specific Objectives To promote dialogue between employers association and trade unions of the supply chain, NGO’s active in the child defense sector, stakeholders in terms of sustainable and responsible development of the tourism sector.

Analyze the ways in which services and tourism channels are used for illegal aims and identify changes linked with use of information and communication technologies.

Evaluate good practices that social parts, individually or jointly, have enacted to prevent and fight against this phenomenon.

Equip the tourism industry with innovative and practical tools for the struggle against child sexual exploitation throughout the whole supply chain.

Promote dissemination of these tools within European trade union federations and employers associations operating in the different sections of the tourism sector.

Favor the definition of a common position and plan of action to jointly work for the development of sustainable and responsible tourism towards children.

Results and Activities-          Analysis of the current situation, and of changes happened and challenges ahead;

-          Identification of adopted policies, measures and practices at a national and European level against child sexual exploitation;

-          A “toolbox” for operators in the tourism sector, composed by: training information documents for all workers from different sections of the tourism sector; guidelines for company management; a responsibility label, applicable to tourism contracts which respect certain rules;

-          Meetings between European social parts operating along the tourism supply chain, with the aim of sharing a common position for the definition of a plan of action, to favour the adoption of the European community Directive against child sexual exploitation in their own  sphere of competence;

-          Meetings between employers/trade unions associations and main stakeholders in the responsible tourism sector, to favor the establishment of networks and synergies;

-          Creation of dissemination material.

Contacts for FILCAMS CGIL:

Gabriele Guglielmi – Stefania Radici – Gianluca Iacoangeli


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